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Full Text

There are several ways to link full text articles to references in an EndNote Library.

  1. File Attachments: Link to PDFs saved on your computer
    • Select a reference
    • Go to References > File Attachments> Attach File
    • Select the file
  2. Find Full Text: EndNote will search publisher websites, import PDFs and attach them to references in your library
  3. Import PDFs or a Folder of PDFs: Import publisher-created PDF files directly into EndNote
    • File > Import > File
    • Select the file
    • Import Option = PDF
    • Click IMPORT
    • New records are created with PDFs attached.
    • Problems importing PDFs?  Read PDF Importing Troubleshooting.
  4. Find PDFs with OpenURL: Sometimes Find Full Text cannot pull PDFs from a publisher's website. EndNote's OpenURL feature can help.
    • In EndNote, go to References > URL > OpenURL link
    • If OpenURL leads you to the article, download the PDF.
    • Follow instructions in Step 1 above to attach PDF.


Attachments are indicated by a small paper clip icon in the reference list display. A PDF icon will appear in an open reference.

Attachments in Reference List Attachments in Record Display
Attachments in Reference List Display PDF in a Reference


Find Full Text Configuration

Follow these simple steps to configure EndNote to download the full text of journals to which the Library subscribes.

  1. In EndNote go to Edit > Preferences.
  2. Select Find Full Text from the list.
  3. Make sure the following items are checked:
    • ISI Web of Knowledge Full Text Links
    • DOI (Digital Object Identifier)
    • PubMed LinkOut (U.S. National Library of Medicine)
    • OpenURL
  4. Paste the following URL into the OpenURL box:
  5. Paste the following URL into the Authenticate with box:

Find Full Text

Find Full Text (Plan A)

  1. Select a reference in your EndNote Library
  2. Go to References > Find Full Text
  3. When prompted, enter your Remote Access UserID and Password.
  4. Agree to copyright and usage notice
  5. Check the status in the Find Full Text group on the left side of your EndNote window

NOTE: Find Full Text cannot always download all attachments, even when the Library subscribes to a journal. One reason for this is that many publishers block downloading of files from a third-party program (EndNote, in this case) for legal and bandwidth related issues.  When this occurs, follow Plan B or download PDFs directly and attach them to the references in your EndNote Library.

Find Full Text via Open URL (Plan B)

  1. Select a reference in your EndNote Library
  2. Go to References > URL > OpenURL Link
  3. A web browser will open to an intermediate page containing holdings information for that reference
  4. If full text is available online
    • Download full text from publisher's web site
    • Use EndNote's File Attachment tool to link the full text to your Library
      References > File Attachments > Attach File
  5. If full text is not available online, other options will appear on the intermediate page


Troubleshooting PDF Importing

PDF FAQs from EndNote

The following tips should help troubleshoot problems with importing PDF files.

  • Make sure the PDF you are trying to import is not a scanned image file. Open the file in a PDF reader program and try to select some text. Can you highlight actual words, or does it simply draw a box? If it just draws a box, there is no text for EndNote to read to identify any reference information; this PDF was scanned in as an image. Please locate a text version of the PDF, or attempt to find this reference online.
  • EndNote locates the reference information online by looking up the digital object identifier (DOI) on You may wish to check their website; if they do not have the DOI of the article listed, EndNote will not be able to download it.
  • To avoid possible "pollution" of DOIs from the article's bibliographic data, EndNote only checks the first few pages of the PDF for the article's DOI. If the DOI is not among these first few pages, EndNote will not be able to import the information from Crossref.
  • EndNote identifies the DOI in the document by the tag
    If the DOI does not begin with this tag, it will not be recognized and the record will not import properly. This keeps other numbers that are not DOIs from accidentally being recognized, leading to incorrect data matching.
  • The DOI also should be on one single line, rather than broken across multiple lines. A line-wrapped DOI will not lookup properly on Crossref.
  • Check to make sure that you have no firewalls or other security programs blocking traffic to or from Crossref. Attached, on the right panel, is a PDF known to import successfully into EndNote. If this fails for you, most likely you have a network issue preventing communication to or from Crossref.
  • Mac only Note: Make sure the EndNote application file resides in the EndNote folder under the system Application folder or the connection to Crossref will fail and the bibliographic information will not be imported.