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RefWorks is a web-based bibliographic management program.

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Nancy Glassman
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RefWorks Basics

Bibliographic management software makes it easy to collect and organize references to any type of information, from journal articles to multimedia files. The software also allows students and researchers to insert their citations into papers and format them for publication painlessly.

Access to RefWorks is provided by the D. Samuel Gottesman Library.

NOTE: "Legacy RefWorks" will be discontinued after June 30, 2023. To continue using RefWorks, upgrade to the new version.

NEW RefWorks

The "new" RefWorks offers a simple user interface and can be accessed from a computer or mobile device.

If you are still using the old ("legacy") version of RefWorks,  upgrade to "new" RefWorks as soon as possible. Click the orange button at the top of the page (see screen shot below) to begin the upgrade process.


Migrating from "Legacy" to "New" RefWorks

It just takes a few minutes to transfer your RefWorks library from the "legacy" to the "new" RefWorks interface. Here are some things to think about before you make the move.

  • Upgrading is required. "legacy" RefWorks will be discontinued after June 30, 2023.
  • If you are in the middle of a project, wait until the project is finished before upgrading.
  • Once you make the move to the "new" RefWorks, you should stick with it. Any additions/changes you make in the new version will not be reflected in the legacy version and vice versa.
  • When creating your new RefWorks account, you MUST use your institutional email address. One benefit of this requirement is easier off-campus access.

Log into your current RefWorks account, and click the brown "Upgrade to the latest RefWorks version" button.

Legacy refWorks

Create your new account using your institutional email address.

Create Account

RefWorks gives you to option to import your library into a new Project. Your RefWorks library can contain multiple projects.

Existing Library

The last step is to confirm the import.


RefWorks Resources

If you experience problems with your RefWorks account, contact