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Word 365 Add-in

SciWheelChanges are coming to SciWheel's add-in for Word and desktop app.

There is a new Sciwheel 365 add-in for Microsoft Word. As SciWheel continues develop this new add-in, they will phase out support for the original Sciwheel Word Plugin and desktop app, and fully discontinue support as of August 31, 2021

After August 31, you will no longer be available to download the original plugin and there will be no further updates made to it. However, if you do already have this installed, you will be able to use this after this date. 

Learn more from the SciWheel blog.

SciWheel Add-in for Word

F1000 Add-on for Word

SciWheel Add-in for Google Docs

10 Tips for Using Sciwheel to Avoid Accidental Plagiarism

  1. Keep all of your references in one Library.  It will be easier to find them when you need them.
  2. Add references as soon as you come across them.  Don't wait until you are starting to write.
  3. Check for duplicates early & often. 
    2.5. Update your references.  Check to see if epubs or in-process citations have been published.
  4. Import publisher-supplied PDFs directly into your Library.
  5. Use Find Full Text or Attach Files to get PDFs for references already in your Library.  
  6. Annotate PDFs.  Many programs (including EN, Preview for Macs and Adobe Acrobat Pro) will let you highlight text and add notes. 
    6.5. Annotate references in you Library, using the Notes, Research Notes, or User-Defined fields.
  7. Organize with Groups.  References can belong to more than one Group.  It might be helpful to create a separate Group for each section of your manuscript. EndNote creates a temporary, system-generated Group of references being added to a document.  These references can be copied into a regular Group.
  8. Insert citations as you write.  Make it easier to see who you are citing by using an Author/Date style or unformatted citatations while you write. Change to department- or journal-specified style when you are finished writing.
  9. Use your word processor's Comments feature as reminders of passages that must be cited.
  10. Make sure the references you cite are correct!