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SciWheel Basics

SciWheelBibliographic management software makes it easy to collect and organize references to any type of information, from journal articles to multimedia files. The software also allows students and researchers to insert their citations into papers and format them for publication painlessly. SciWheel is available from the D. Samuel Gottesman Library.


This Guide will help you

With SciWheel you can

  • Keep all your references in a single place that is accessible from any device, including mobile
  • Import PDFs and migrate existing reference libraries from a variety of sources
  • Add articles and PDFs as you browse the web with Sciwheel browser extension and mobile app
  • Read, highlight and comment in websites and PDFs
  • Work with your colleagues using SciWheel's collaboration tools 
  • Create and format citations and bibliographies from over 7,000 styles in Microsoft Word or Google Docs
  • Stay on top of your field with article suggestions, trending articles and articles recently published from your favourite journals

How to Access SciWheel

To sign up for a SciWheel account:

  • Access SciWheel from any computer on the Einstein network (wired or wireless).
  • Fill out the registration form
  • You must use your institutional email address
  • Respond to SciWheel's email confirmation

Create a SciWheel account

SciWheel allows 120 days of roaming access before you have to reauthenticate from an Einstein IP address.