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What am I Searching: Einstein Discover

What am I Searching?

The D. Samuel Gottesman Library's Einstein Discover box is powered by Summon, a web-scale discovery tool which enables users to search multiple collections through a single search box. New content is added on a regular basis. Share your feedback about Einstein Discover or contact us to learn more about using this tool.


Why use Einstein Discover?

  • Google-like search experience using a single search box.
  • Results can be ranked by relevance, date, author, or title.
  • Peer-reviewed filter for easy access to scholarly publications.
  • Full-text filter for easy access to full text content.
  • Results refinement to narrow down results by filtering, faceting and sorting.
  • Citation export to bibliographic management tools such as EndNote and RefWorks.
  • Mobile-friendly so you can search the Library’s collection from your phone or tablet.