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Author's Toolkit: A Guide to Manuscript Preparation and more

A guide to dissertation preparation for the Einstein Graduate Programs in the Biomedical Sciences

Submitting Articles for Publication

These resources provide information about journals and publishers.

Assigning Relevant Keywords to Your Manuscript

Scholarly Publishing & Open Access

Open Access Models

  • Gold OA: Publisher’s version of record is openly available immediately
    • Published PDF is released with an open license that allows reuse (e.g., a Creative Commons license)
    • Gold OA publication requires payment of an APC (article processing charge) making this a “pay to publish” model
      • The library has agreements with several publishers to support APCs.
  • Green OA: Deposit of version of manuscript in an institutional or disciplinary repository
    • Submission version (aka “ahead-of-print”)
    • Post-peer review version (aka “post-print” or “author’s accepted manuscript”)
    • Green OA publication may be delayed due to publisher’s embargo policies
    • Licenses vary with the the types of reuse
  • Bronze OA: Articles made free-to-read on the publisher website, without an explicit Open license
    • Publishers sometimes make journal content publicly accessible on their websites for a limited period of time and then revert to allowing access only through subscription or paid access
    • Article does not include an open license allowing some types of reuse
  • Diamond or Platinum OA: Publisher’s version of record (VoR) is openly available immediately
    • Content is released with an open license that allows reuse (e.g., a Creative Commons license)
    • Publisher does not charge Article Processing Charges (APCs)
    • No charge to access; no charge to publish

Public Access requires that research outputs be made freely accessible for all to read. The Green OA model meets this requirement. Public access does not require that outputs be free of copyright or reuse permissions.

Publishing Agreements @ Einstein

The D. Samuel Gottesman Library is exploring ways to make it easier for Einstein faculty, students, postdocs, and staff publish in open access journals. The Library has entered into Read-and-Publish and Transformative agreements with several publishers which will cover the costs of article publishing charges (APCs) normally paid by authors.

To streamline the approval process, please use your organizational email address when submitting manuscripts to journals.

Guidelines for Submission

Go to the Graduate School for the official guidelines on submitting your thesis or dissertation.