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Covidence: Getting Started with Covidence

This guide offers instructions and tips for using the Covidence platform and links to the most relevant resources from the Covidence Knowledge Base.

Signing Up for Covidence and Getting Access to Einstein Account

You can create your personal sign-in information for Covidence before or after joining the institutional subscription.

To request access to the institutional account in Covidence, you must use your current institutional email address (no Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.).

Faculty and students at Einstein and the Ferkauf School of Psychology, as well as faculty and residents at Montefiore, should follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Covidence Sign-up page.
  2. Enter your information (using your institutional email address) and click “Request Invitation.”
  3. Accept the invitation in your email – check your spam folder if the invitation does not arrive in a few minutes. Please also keep in mind that the link is one-time use and will expire in ~30 days.
  4. Log in to your existing Covidence account or sign up for a new account, which will automatically link you to Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
  5. If you have already joined the Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Covidence account, then you can log in with your email and password and proceed to use Covidence. 

 Jacobi residents and faculty should contact the library to request access.

Creating Projects and Inviting Reviewers

After clicking “Start a new review,” you will have the option to use your personal account license or select the Albert Einstein College of Medicine account.

  • Reviews created under the institutional license will be visible to the Research and Education Librarians at the D. Samuel Gottesman Library, the administrators of Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Covidence account. Your personal account review(s) will only be seen by you.
  • Once you have created a review or accepted an invitation to another Albert Einstein College of Medicine account review, the title will appear in a separate section on your account homepage.
  • Detailed information and instructions

Once a review is created, you can add co-reviewers.

  • From the homepage ("Your reviews"), select the review you wish to add co-reviewers to and click on “Settings.”
  • From the review settings, navigate to “Add/remove reviewers.”
  • Click on “Invite another reviewer” and enter your reviewers' first names and email addresses to invite them.
  • Detailed information and instructions

Monthly Covidence Class

The library has a monthly training on Covidence that introduces the program and provides an opportunity for both new and seasoned users to get answers to their questions.

Check out our class calendar to find the date and time of our next session and to sign up.

Resources from Covidence

In addition to assistance provided by the library, Covidence offers extensive resources for users.

Introductory webinar 

  • You can sign up for the monthly live webinar or see a recording of a previous session.

Knowledge base 

  • This site has a wide variety of instructions and videos for different aspects of Covidence.

Email Covidence