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3D Printing

3D Objects

Heart (using red translucent filament.)

Print time: 17 hours and 23 minutes

140 grams of PLA filament used.

Lab equipment - base and well plate

Base: Print time: 7 hours 41 minutes / 94 grams of filament

Well plate: Print time: 6 hours 59 minutes / 105 grams of filament

Heart (using neutral-colored filament)

Print time: 7 hours 33 minutes.

51 grams of PLA filament used.


Print time: 18 hours, 17 minutes

106 grams of filament used.


Print time: 30 hours 5 minutes.


Molecule (using white filament and painted by student)

Print time: 24 hours and 36 minutes

160 grams of PLA filament used


Print time: upper jaw: 5 hours and 3 minutes

Print time: lower jaw: 3 hours and 36 minutes

54 grams of PLA filament used in total

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